Arc House

Inspired from an aircraft, this habitable house finally established with an architecture that is quite different than most. Selection of the curved structure used in this Arc House has its own background. First, the owners want to get a house with a living room

Learn and Play Russian Rooms Style

A hammock mezzanine, seating cube on wheels, as well as a combined ladder and bookcase designed entered in the children’s room. Designed by the design studio from Russia, Rue temple, the integration of the three children’s rooms suitable to fill the room at the

Unique Home Friendly Environmentally

In designing a home must not only pay attention to the aesthetic elements only. The most important, in designing a home to be able to accommodate and meet the needs of the owner. In addition, the design of the house was to be able

Behind The Industrial Style House

Industrial concept home is not always seemed stiff. This article displays the charm behind the industrial-style house. Usually the concept of industrial-style house looks stiff. If you notice, following the industrial concept home is actually not too stiff and cold. Lush green landscape that

Combination Classical and Modern House

Combining two different things requires astute planning. The house is located in Poland following combines classic design with modern. Classic roofs and facades of modern design make the house look nice. Architect of combination classical and modern house is designing and realizing the design

Minim House Privacy

Why arguably minimal privacy? ‘S HOUSE’ 95% of it can be covered with transparent glass, so that other people can look at the everyday homeowner. Are you curious? Le’go! S-HOUSE situated near Omiya Station in Saitama. The introduced by Yuusuke Karasawa, an architect as