Clever Ways to Organize A Small Bathroom

When you have a small house, organization is the key to harmony and comfort because you will have to find space for everything a home must include and still have enough room to move around. A small bathroom is always challenging when it comes to storage given that it needs to hold so many items. With some clever organizing ideas, you will manage to turn your small bathroom into a practical and neat place.

Corner shelves above the bathtub

You will need to find a place for all your shower gels, creams, lotions, and soaps and the best place is above the bathtub because here they will not get in your way and you will capitalize every inch of free space. There are many corner shelves you can buy in stores in various sizes and designs that will match your bathroom d├ęcor.

The space underneath the sink can be useful

Don’t waste the space you have available underneath the sink because it can become great storage space for all your cleaning products, towels, and more. Use some plastic baskets to divide the space into separate areas and arrange there all the products you need to have in the bathroom.

Capitalize the space above the toilet

Some wall shelves can sit on the wall above the toilet and you can store here a bunch of items like towels, the toilet paper, your extra cleaning supplies, or even your styling tools. The vapors coming from the toilet will not reach the height of the shelves so everything will stay clean.

Combine functionality and aesthetics

If you design a certain storage area like shelves or a little cabinet in one corner, make it look prettier with some drapes or a sticker. A small detail can make the difference and your bathroom can look better if you add a little accent of color.

Add a shelf above the sink

The things you use on a daily basis like the toothbrush, the face cream, the electric shaver or the hairspray can sit on a shelf above the sink for easy access. This way, you will keep them clean and organized within reach.

Storage space on your cabinets

On one side of your sink cabinet, hand a metallic basket or hooks that will hold your flat iron, the blow dryer, the curler, or the brushes. This way, all your hair styling tools will stay in one place and there will be no more cables spread around the bathroom.

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