Cozy Bedroom Design Ideas for a Restful Sleep

Nothing can help you rest better than a cozy bedroom designed in such way that it will promote relaxation and comfort. These two aspects should be your benchmark in designing your bedroom. The ideas are endless and we only have some for you to inspire from in designing the ultimate comfortable bedroom for the most restful sleep.

Thick curtains for shade

Don’t you just hate it when sunlight comes through your windows and ruins your sleep in the morning? If you do, you need to solve this problem by covering your windows with thick and dark curtains that will keep the bedroom dark while you sleep. If you are not a fan of curtains because they collect dust and dirt, opt for blinds installed on the exterior of your windows. This way, sunlight will no longer disturb you in the morning.

Dimming lights

Speaking of lights, artificial light can also alter the quality of your sleep if you opt for strong bedroom lights. When you choose the lighting, look for dimming lights that you can turn off gradually to induce yourself the feeling of sleepiness. Also, install the switches close to your bed so you won’t have to get out of bed to turn the lights off when you get too sleepy.

A comfortable bed

Nevertheless, your bed is the most important detail in a bedroom wen it comes to a restful sleep. Don’t get cheap when you choose the bed size because you will need to feel comfortable while you sleep. Also, choose your mattress, pillows, and sheets with care because they will influence how well you sleep. We recommend bamboo pillows and sheets that repel allergens, are soft to touch, and maintain a constant temperature regardless the environment.


Colors are essential in any bedroom d├ęcor because they can either relax or irritate you, so pay attention to the colors you paint your bedroom in. An all-white bedroom is the most simple idea that can’t possibly fail. It might seem plain, but it will actually create a strong visual impact and will induce you a feeling of calm and sleep. In case you want to add some color, opt for bold decorations in a strong shade and the overall design will change.

Soothing sounds

If your bedroom is not silent enough for you to fall asleep, try placing a sound machine on the nightstand close to you and play it before bedtime. The relaxing sounds or the white noise function will surely help you fall asleep faster.

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