Hallway Interior Design Ideas

Hallways might seem small and trivial, but they are extremely important in your home decoration because they welcome your guests and are the first place that captures your eye when you get home. This is why it’s essential that you put a lot of time and effort into decorating your hallway to make it look stylish, welcoming, and cozy. The following hallway decorating ideas will please every taste in terms of interior décor and will make your hallway an attractive part of your house.

Photo corner

If you want a simple yet interesting way to decorate your hallway, consider the photo corner idea that will personalize your home and will give it a familiar look. Whether you place the photo frames at the entrance near a small table or you decorate the staircase with them, this decorating idea will become the centerpiece of your hallway. Choose family photos so you can have all your dear ones close to you or simply pick random photos that will make the hallway look more interesting.

White hallway

A narrow hallway can be enlarged if you opt for a light paint shade like white that creates the optical illusion of a larger space. Paint your hallway in white, choose white furniture, and decorate with mirrors that also enlarge the space. Limit the use of decorations to avoid clutter and you will get a simple yet classy hallway.

Vintage air

If you like the vintage decorating style, this set of table and mirror will suit your hallway like a glove. The wood is carved in an old pattern and it has a patina that perfectly matches the worn rug on the floor. The mirror has the same old air with the peeled off paint on the narrow frame that makes it look simple but elegant at the same time.

Modern and minimalist

This modern hallway décor keeps the straight lines of the minimalist style and adds a touch of modernism to your home. For the walls, opt for a sleek brick stone that matches the natural brown shade of the furniture that consists of a table with an interesting shape and a chair that completes the décor. Decorate with two small lamps and a flower vase and your hallway is ready.

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