How to Organize Your Closet

You know that it’s time to organize your closet when you have to pull out half of your clothes to find something to wear. This means that every time you want to go out, you have to spend a lot of time and energy to dress, which eventually leads to despair and frustration. Luckily, learning some easy tips about how to organize your closet, will help you leave the  house quicker, without having to be late at work or anywhere else. Therefore, read the article below and find out the best tips that will declutter your closet very fast.

Toss Away Clothing That You Doesn’t Wear Anymore

This is the first step you have to do in order to organize your closet and it involves going through every piece of clothing that you have. As a rule, if you have clothing that you haven’t put on in one year, then it’s time to toss it. There are many people who will happily take your clothes, so try to donate them to someone who really needs them.

Sort Out the Clothes

After you decide which clothes you want to keep, you should make piles for spring/summer and fall/winter season. Then the best thing you can do is to keep the current season to your reach and to store the rest. This will allow you to see them better and to choose quicker what you want to wear. After you finish sorting them out, all you need to do is to put them back in the closet and arrange them carefully. Now you can organize them as you like, by colors, by how often you wear them or by type, for example, pants with pants, sweaters with sweaters, and so on. Having an organized closet will help you save time because you will know exactly where to find everything.

Put Labels

By doing so, you will be able to put all the clothing in their proper places, especially little items such as socks, linen, pajama’s, bathing suits and so on. Labels are very useful if you’re using shelves or bins to help get your closet organized and find them quicker.

Organize the Shoes

It’s very important to find your shoes easily, so organizing them will help you a lot. First, decide what shoes you want to keep and donate those you don’t wear anymore. As a tip, if you want to keep your house cleaner, you should keep the shoes at the entrance of the house. Also, in case you have more shoes, you can separate the boots from sandals and store in boxes those which are out-of-season.

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