Indoor Vs Outdoor Home Sauna- Which One to Choose?

Saunas can offer the ultimate relaxation and having one at home means you can benefit from its functionality anytime you want. Still, one question might give you a hard time and that is which one to choose between an indoor and an outdoor sauna? Both sauna types have their pros and cons and only by knowing more about them will you be able to make the best choice.

The indoor sauna

If you opt for an indoor sauna, you will have to make room for it inside your house but you will be able to enjoy a sauna session without leaving your home. The best part is that the construction is so good that the heat remains inside so there will be no damage to the aspect or structure of your house. Indoor saunas can be placed in bathrooms, attics, even basements and they will still work perfectly.
Usually, indoor saunas come as a build-it-yourself kit but you can always choose to have a custom made sauna fit inside your house. The kit is less expensive and is very easy to install so the installation costs will be reduced. Also, saunas will need to be connected to the house’s electrical and water systems and the process is not very complicated if you place the sauna near a water line and a power supply.
As for types, you can choose a traditional sauna that creates steam, a wood-burning sauna or an infrared sauna that is more comfortable to install and use. Bottom line, choosing the indoor sauna depends on the space you have available, the budget, and your preferences.

The outdoor sauna

One of the advantages of outdoor saunas is that you can enjoy their soothing effects while admiring the nature. And don’t think that you won’t be able to use it in the winter because this sauna is an all-year-round investment. And we say investment because the costs will be higher than of the indoor sauna. You will need to opt for higher quality paneling, insulation, and you will need to draw water lines and electricity near it. You will have to pay a professional to come and do all the wiring and plumbing because outdoor saunas are more demanding.
Still, in terms of style, the sky is the limit with outdoor saunas as you can opt for round or square saunas in various wood finishes and of various sizes depending on how much outdoor space you have available. You have the choice of a wood sauna, an electric one, a traditional one or a modern infrared sauna.

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