Must Have Small Kitchen Appliances

The market for kitchen appliances is very vast and generous, the many varieties of appliances that you can choose from making it hard to leave the store without purchasing something. But before you overcrowd the kitchen with large appliances that you don’t necessarily need, read the following lines to find out which are the must have small kitchen appliances.

Keurig K55 coffee maker

Most people find it impossible to start their day without enjoying a cup of hot coffee. A compact, high-quality kitchen appliance that can give you great tasting coffee is the Keurig K55 coffee maker. It comes at the reasonable price of around $120. It features a 48-ounce water reservoir that allows you to brew several cups of coffee at once. It allows you to program the brewer to turn off automatically. It’s incredibly easy to use due to its one-touch button controls. In addition, the removable drip tray makes it easy to clean the coffee that spills over or drips.

Chef’s Choice 120 knife sharpener

The most used items in the kitchen are the knives, without a doubt. This makes their blades get dull fast, and once this happens, they become useless. Instead of changing the knives whenever this happens, use a good knife sharpener to make the blades sharp once again. If you are in the market for a good knife sharpener, you should visit the website to see which is the best sharpener that fits your budget. If money is not a problem, then go for the best of the best: the Chef’s Choice 120 knife sharpener. It comes at the price of $150. This knife sharpener uses a 3-stage precision sharpening process to deliver excellent results. It works for serrated knives, chef’s knives, sporting knives, and butcher knives. In addition, the 100% diamond abrasive of this small kitchen appliance will never corrode, ensuring that you can use it for a long time.

Sunbeam 5891 bread maker

Nothing compares to the delicious taste of homemade bread, but making it yourself can be very tiring and time-consuming. To be able to enjoy this delicious product without actually putting any effort into the process of making the bread, buy the Sunbeam 5891 bread maker. This compact kitchen appliance comes at the low price of around $65. It can bake 2-pound loaves of bread. It offers 12 cooking functions to choose from. Also, you can select from the 3 shades that it offers to prepare the bread exactly as you like. It features a 13-hour delay bake that allows you to wake up in the morning or come home from work to enjoy freshly baked bread. Also, this bread maker is very easy to use due to its intuitive touch-control panel.

Panasonic NN-SN661S microwave

A small kitchen appliance that you must have in your kitchen in order to make your time spent cooking more pleasurable is the Panasonic NN-SN661S microwave. It will cost you around $210 to buy it. This microwave features an automatic sensor that adjusts the power of the unit and the times of cooking for different foods. Therefore, it ensures that your meals will be perfectly done if you use it. The Inverter technology that it uses delivers a seamless stream of cooking power, enabling you to cook pretty much anything you desire with it. In addition, it features the Inverter Turbo Defrost option to defrost any food that you place inside it quickly.

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