The Best Outdoor Heaters for Warming Up Your Patio

Your patio can become your favorite place for the winter if you use a heater to warm up the place. Check out our selections of outdoor heaters that are functional and efficient for warming up your patio and choose the one that best matches your needs.

Infrared heaters

The best outdoor heaters are the ones that create infrared heat that feels as warm as sunlight and is absorbed by the items that surround you. The Fire Sense 9354824 is a freestanding unit with a telescopic pole that allows you to decide where you want it to emit the heat. It’s energy saving and it can keep you warm even on the chilliest nights. Bring it close to you and adjust the height as you like and the heater will remain sturdy and stable.

Halogen heaters

A great option for warming up an outdoor space is the halogen heater that works on electricity but doesn’t require too much power to operate. The Fire Sense 60660 is a model that hangs from the ceiling and emits a pleasant warmth that can warm up a small to medium size patio. It’s stylish, it looks more like a lamp, and it doesn’t create any harmful fumes while it operates. Plus, it also creates light while it works so it can also be used as an ambient light.

Infrared fireplaces

If you prefer a more natural style, you can always opt for a fireplace that adds class and sophistication to any patio design. LifeSmart LifePro LS-1111HH looks great and can keep your patio warm in the cold season with the innovative technology that circulates air inside it and spreads it on a wide surface. It can heat spaces up to 1,800 sq. ft. and it uses less energy than other types of heaters although it’s a large unit.

Propane heaters

Many people choose a propane heater for outdoor heating because propane is an affordable source of energy that is suitable for outdoor use. A good choice would be the Hampton Bay Marston heater that creates 47,000 BTU, enough to heat a medium size patio. This freestanding heater has a sturdy base for balance and a stainless steel housing in the shape of a lamp. The reason why we ranked it fourth is because we are not a fan of the emissions the propane creates.

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