Tips for Cooling Your Home This Summer

No one likes a house that feels like an oven during the summer so everyone is looking for clever ways to cool the indoor air. We come to your help with some simple yet efficient tips that will lower the temperature in your house and will help you feel more comfortable.

Lower the air humidity

A house with an increased level of humidity will always feel hotter than it really is because humidity influences your level of comfort. If you want to cool down your house this summer, make sure you solve the air humidity issue by using a dehumidifier to remove air moisture. Also, keep moisture sources out of the house so the humidity will remain low.

Draw the curtains

A shady house is a cool house so keep the curtains closed to block sunlight and sun heat from heating up your house. If you have windows facing the sun, install thick curtains in darker shades that will keep outdoor heat away.

Don’t cook during the day

It’s true that you will have to eat in the summer but cooking during the day when the temperatures get very high will mean adding more degrees to the air. Try to cook in the evening when the air gets cooler and always keep the hood turned on to circulate the air and avoid steam and condense from developing.

Turn on a fan

Instead of turning on the air conditioner that is very energy consuming, opt for a tower fan that uses much less electricity and manages to create cool air inside the house. Turn on the oscillating feature and your tower fan will spread cool air so your home will become more comfortable.

Keep the windows closed

Avoid opening the windows during the day thinking that you will ventilate the house because, in fact, you will allow the outdoor heat to come inside your home. Keep the windows closed for the day and only open them at night when the air temperature gets lower.

Choose loose fabrics

If you sleep on fluffy sheets or you cover your bed with soft blankets, your home will feel hotter because thick fabrics tend to retain heat. Therefore, if you want to cool down your house, opt for loose fabrics like cotton that is airier and doesn’t keep your bed hot. Another great option would be bamboo sheets made of bamboo fibers that are naturally cooler and allow the air to circulate.

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