Floor Lamp and Shelf

floor lamp and shelf

Whether you’re trying to illuminate an office space, light up your bedroom or create a cozy ambiance in the living room, a shelf floor lamp can provide multifunctional style. This type of lamp has a platform or shelf around the mid-section of the pole that doubles as a utility tray to hold items like books, magazines, eyeglasses and keys. Some are outfitted with USB connectors to make a charging station for your electronic devices.

The height of the shelf floor lamp is also an important factor to consider. The bottom of the lamp shade should be at or below the eye level of a person sitting in a chair to avoid glare. In addition, the lamp should be tall enough to cast illumination across the intended seating area and help you perform a task such as reading or craft work.

You’ll find a wide variety of floor lamps and shelves to fit your style preferences. Many floor lamp and shelf designs are contemporary and modern, combining the function of an end table with the ambiance of a standing fixture. Others have a more traditional look with wood or metal components. You’ll even find a chandelier floor lamp that’s sure to elevate your decor.

Consider the other lighting fixtures in your space before selecting a floor lamp and shelf. A lamp that’s too short will be lost against an oversize piece of furniture, while a tall one might overwhelm it and create a visual imbalance. Also, pay attention to the relationship between the wattage of the bulb and its brightness. It’s common to hear that a higher wattage produces more light, but this isn’t always the case.

A shelf floor lamp is a great choice for a corner of the living room or family room. The two-tiered shelf provides ample storage and display space for accent pieces like vases, picture frames and books. This type of lamp is a great complement to an accent chair, and you can often find versions that have a matching console table.

If you need to focus on a specific task, such as reading or crafts, you may want to choose a floor lamp that has a spotlight. This kind of lamp has a head that radiates light downward, a feature that can eliminate annoying glare and illuminate your project. You can also get a chandelier floor lamp that has a base similar to that of a traditional lamp, but the pole ends with multiple arms with lights on them and decorative accessories such as beads or pearls dangling from them. These types of floor lamps are fun and decorative, providing accent lighting. They can also be a good choice for a dining room since they’re out of the way when you’re eating or conversing.

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