Wall Lamps For Bedroom Decor

wall lamps for bedroom

A wall lamp is a convenient alternative to a nightstand light and can also be used to highlight artwork or other decorative elements. Whether you prefer an updated faux-candle design or a minimalist, modern silhouette, there are plenty of options to choose from to create the right look for your bedroom. Some models have a built-in dimmer switch for easy adjustment. You’ll want to decide how much light you need and whether a single fixture will suffice or if you’d like a pair, as well as what type of finish and style of bulb you’d prefer.

The lighting choices for the bedroom are endless, and it’s important to layer the space with different types of fixtures. A ceiling chandelier brings in some sculptural interest while providing overhead light, a floor lamp adds some height and diffused reading light, and table lamps on the nightstand provide task lighting. Using a combination of these types of lights, plus the right wall-mounted fixtures, will create an effective and pleasing space for relaxing.

If you’re a fan of traditional bedroom decor ideas, consider adding a pair of wrought-iron bedside wall lights to your room. With a simple curved shape and frosted shade, these sconces will complement your existing furniture and accents while creating a classic look for the room. These fixtures come with a dimmer switch so you can control the amount of light you need for reading in bed.

For those who don’t like the idea of bedside sconces, consider mounting one or two of these stylish brass-finished wall-mounted lamps on either side of your headboard instead. These sconces have dome shades that swivel 90 degrees vertically and pivot 350 degrees, so you can direct the light where you need it. The plated brass finish and white interior make this set the best bedroom sconces for reading.

Unlike other rooms in the house, which may benefit from bright task lighting, bedrooms need soft, warm illumination to help you relax and fall asleep. That’s why bedroom wall lighting is often more decorative than what’s found in other areas of the home, with a range of shapes and styles to suit the décor.

If you love the look of sconces but don’t want to put up with dangling cords, you can find sleek cord covers that will hide them without taking away from the overall aesthetic. These brass ones camouflage cords flawlessly, but you can also get them in a variety of other finishes to match your bedroom color palette.

Wall-mounted picture lights are another good choice for highlighting art or display items in the bedroom. Often, these fixtures have a small shelf on which to set books or magazines. You can also use them to frame or highlight a headboard, which looks particularly eye-catching when painted in a contrasting color.

Unlike traditional picture lights, which can only be hung in certain positions, LED-powered wall-mounted ones are very versatile. You can mount them at varying angles, from a horizontal surface to an upward angle for a more dramatic effect, and they’re available in various sizes and shapes, including squares, circles, ovals, triangles, and hearts. Some even have an on/off button, so you can keep the light low for reading or raise it to illuminate a larger area of the room.

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