Kitchen Furniture Trends 2023

kitchen furniture trends

A kitchen needs to be a space where people can cook, socialise and relax. The key is storage, and this year we are seeing more homeowners looking for solutions that conceal everyday clutter rather than showcase it. That’s why glazed cabinets, shelving and larder cupboards are all enjoying renewed popularity, with bespoke options in eye-catching designs that will make your kitchen feel more thoughtfully considered.

As a result, bespoke cabinetry is seeing an increased demand, with homeowners opting to have doors and drawers in different colours to create a contrasting look. It’s a look that works well when combined with a brushed nickel or brass finish. These metals also add warmth to a kitchen, working alongside the natural wood tones that are also re-emerging as a popular choice for cabinets and worktops.

Other kitchen furniture trends 2023 include an increasing focus on practical storage. This includes combining open and closed storage with the addition of pull-outs for pans and utensils. This combination makes it easier for busy homeowners to keep kitchens clear of clutter and allows them to access the items they use most often.

Open shelving is also continuing to enjoy a revival, but this time it’s being styled for a curated look. Homeowners are using it to display artwork, decorative ceramics, cookery books and other curiosities for a warm and homely aesthetic. This style is particularly suited to smaller kitchens where it can act as an alternative to a dining table or console, creating a multifunctional space that’s perfect for entertaining.

Quartz that looks like marble continues to be popular, with engineered stone such as Caesarstone’s Statuario Maximus showing up in a number of kitchens. The popularity of this material is likely down to its resemblance to the natural stone and its low maintenance qualities. It’s more affordable than real marble and is less prone to stains from food, wine or coffee.

The kitchen sink is another area where technology has revolutionised functionality. With new developments in push-open and close doors, it’s now possible to dispense with handles altogether, which can help to give a sleeker look to wall and base cabinets. This trend is especially popular with those seeking a minimalist kitchen, as it helps to reduce visual distraction and create a clean and uncluttered finish.

Design styles from the past are also making a comeback, with Ledbury Studio reinterpreting paint finishes and wood tints to sit beautifully next to contemporary kitchens. This approach can be a great way to add interest and a sense of character and can be used to introduce colour, too, as the soft and warm hues can be a welcome counterpoint to the neutral shades of white and grey that are still the most popular choices for cabinetry. Metallics are also a good choice for introducing warmth to a kitchen, with bronze and copper hues in decor such as light shades and hardware adding a touch of elegance.

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